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A modern toolset for you to do more

Superhosts, property managers, PMCs, and VRMs supercharge their management with HostAI.

“Beats the other AI tools”

Within 30 days of integrating, HostAI is handling over 70% of our guest communication. We use it with the Slack integration and it is seamless. It beats the other AI tools we tested. I highly recommend.

Al S.
Property Manager @ Rather Be Properties | 23 listings

“It saves me time and improves my guest experience”

HostAI feels much more empathetic and tailored toward the needs of each guest than the responses I come up with. It saves me time and improves my guest experience. It's been a true delight.

Hai G.
Superhost | 6 listings

“HostAI deals with the busy work”

It's not just a tool; it's an integral part of our team. We're now able to focus on other tasks while HostAI deals with the busy work. Plus the intuitive and user-friendly design makes it accessible to everyone.

Derek D.
CEO @ Sand Stays Vacation Rentals | 111 listings

Build better guest experiences at scale

HostAI handles repetitive chores so you can focus on hospitality.
Automate calendar inquiries

From availability questions to trip modifications, respond to guests immediately.

Plan guest experiences  

Connect guests with the best spots your listings have to offer, without lifting a finger.

Fill gap nights

Automatically identify calendar openings and boost per guest revenue with early check ins and late checkouts.

Filter for urgency

Detect and flag urgent matters, ensuring critical issues never go unnoticed by your team.


Make guest interactions effortless

Give your team the operational superpower that makes everyone's lives easier.

Messages sent to guests

1.2 Million

Message approval rate


Average response time


Countries serviced


Languages spoken

Save time

Bring your guidebooks to life

No matter how good your guidebooks are, guests probably won't read them. However HostAI knows them by heart, so you never have to worry about questions you've already answered.

Integrates with your tech stack

Connect your tools, connect your teams. Only a couple clicks away.

Start today

A plan for all types of STR operators. Try it out for free.

1 - 10 listings

$12 (per listing per month)
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Property Manager

11 - 50 listings

$10 (per listing per month)
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50+ listings


Questions people ask us

Please reach out if you have more questions about the technology or use-cases.
Do I really need to implement AI in my operation?
AI is here to stay and like any innovation, it's best to adopt it early. Plus it only takes a few clicks of set up until it's increasing your bottom line.
Are we like those other AI tools that don't actually work?
Definitely not. There are a lot of AI products coming to market. Many of them seek to automate all guest messages without considering the importance of human interaction required in good hospitality. We aren't those companies. We understand the importance of having a human in the loop and see AI the same way a samurai sees his sword—powerful only when used correctly.
Do AI responses sound robotic?
We get this question a lot and totally understand the concern as we are in the hospitality business. The answer is a resounding no. Your AI is not only personable, but customizable so that it can adopt all of the little idiosyncrasies you want. Whether that's a certain greeting, a certain sign-off, or the words you want your AI to call your listings ("house", "cabin", "flat", etc.), it's your AI for you.
Does HostAI replace virtual assistants?
Only if you want it to. In reality, it empowers virtual assistants by 10x'ing their productivity.
Can HostAI handle hotels?
Yes we can! If you are interested in HostAI products for hotels, please book a demo so we can discuss the best way to tailor HostAI to your operation.

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