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Airbnb Automation: Top 5 AI Software for Hosts in 2024

There are so many STR softwares out there. To help ease your analysis paralysis, here are five apps that provide automated ways to streamline your vacation rental business.

July 1, 2024
Jared Levine

Staying on top of all the different ways you can automate your Airbnb operation can feel like an impossible challenge—software for price optimization, an app for door codes, and another for guest portals. And now, with the rise of AI, the question on everyone’s mind is: how do I implement AI automation software in my business? The amount of choice is paralyzing. 

To help ease your analysis paralysis, here are five apps that provide automated ways to streamline your vacation rental business.

Best Automated Communication Apps Today

The guest experience rides on proper communication. The reality is that guest messaging takes too much time and effort. In fact, a recent survey of 500 property owners and managers by Hostaway showed 30% of respondents are using AI for guest communication. It's safe to say that AI and large language models have forever changed the way Airbnb hosts and property managers think about guest communication and guest messaging. 


HostAI is the first operating system for hospitality

How it works:

HostAI is the de facto leader in the Airbnb automation software space,  especially when it comes to guest messaging, maintenance tracking, upsells, and phone calls. We take the data and knowledge you already have and train an AI model for each listing. This approach ensures HostAI crafts a solution uniquely tailored to your team. By building a source of truth for your operation, we are able to do a lot with it. From streamlining communication to sophisticated channel management, HostAI—when integrated with your property management software platform—ensures consistent quality messaging for all guests across all booking channels.


  1. AI messaging: HostAI's messaging automation handles guest communications across all stages of their stay, from initial inquiries through pre-stay, during the stay, to post-stay interactions and beyond. It handles the simple, repetitive questions like "What's the wifi password?" but also really nuanced inquiries like Early Check-In Requests that are contingent on your calendar and cleaning schedule. This comprehensive approach not only streamlines operations for Airbnb hosts and vacation rental managers but also significantly enhances the guest experience by ensuring timely, accurate, and personalized communication.
  2. Listing audit: Whenever an Airbnb host or Vacation rental management company is onboarded, HostAI runs an audit of their listings. The goal of the audit is to identify gaps in their knowledge base so they know exactly what information is missing for them to reach their desired guest messaging automation level.
  3. Upsells: HostAI increases the per-guest revenue with personalized upsells. It analyzes your listing's calendar and the Airbnb cleaning schedule to suggest timely upsells, from early check-ins to additional services, enhancing the overall guest experience. Additionally, HostAI users can create their own upsells. Whether it’s upselling extra linens, cribs for guests bringing kids, or rides to and from the airport, Airbnb hosts can create automated upsells that they can use for every guest. 
  4. Workflows: HostAI workflows allow you to take advantage of true task automation. All you have to do is set up triggers for various scenarios, such as re-engaging guests who cancel bookings or encouraging direct bookings for high-value stays. With these triggers, you can tell the AI to perform certain actions—whether it's notifying a certain team member of a maintenance task or reminding the guest to fill out their check-in form, this automation allows you to managing guest interactions efficiently, ensuring no opportunity is missed and no to-do is left unchecked.
  5. Maintenance tracking: Beyond guest communication, HostAI excels in converting feedback into actionable tasks. Whether it's a mention of missing toiletries or feedback about cleanliness, HostAI organizes these into tasks and alerts your team, integrating closely with your property management software to ensure seamless operation
  6. Urgency tagging: HostAI sorts guest messages into two categories: non-urgent and urgent messages. With HostAI, urgent guest messages are identified and prioritized, requiring human input for situations like maintenance issues, while non-urgent inquiries are automated. 
  7. Unified inbox: Have one source of truth—for your guests, for your team, and for your homeowners. Whether a guest is messaging you on WhatsApp, Email, SMS, or through the OTA, you can receive and respond from the HostAI inbox. Also connected with Slack, you have the option to have HostAI fit in with your centralized communication hub, further simplifying channel management. For instance, when a guest sends an urgent message, HostAI notifies the host or property manager through slack and allows them to respond. 
  8. Voice AI: A groundbreaking feature that allows you to automate guest calls. All of the features of guest messaging are available through voice with HostAI’s voice AI feature. The goal is to offer another layer of convenience and enhance the guest experience.


HostAI's pricing structure is designed to accommodate Airbnb hosts of all sizes, starting at $12 per listing per month, making it an accessible option for those looking to leverage advanced Airbnb automation tools to improve their operations.

Best For:

HostAI is the ideal choice for hosts of all sizes but especially tailored toward enterprise-level users and Airbnb hosts who demand a comprehensive automation solution. It excels in increasing occupancy rates, direct bookings, response times, and guest satisfaction, all while providing a unified source of truth for your Airbnb business.

What is Yada?

Taken from Yada

How does Yada works enhances Airbnb businesses through AI-driven services aimed at improving guest engagement. Utilizing chatbots, it automates guest messaging to ensure inquiries are addressed promptly, fostering a positive guest experience. Its guest helpdesk centralizes support requests, streamlining management for Airbnb hosts.


  1. What is Yada Chatbot?: Yada offers users  24/7 guest communication, which is crucial for maintaining high guest satisfaction. It answers inquiries and provides information around the clock, which can enhance guest satisfaction by promptly addressing their questionsensuring their questions are addressed promptly.
  2. What is Yada Helpdesk?: Their guest support leverages automated messaging to increase direct bookings, potentially enhancing occupancy rates. It allows for efficient management, improving response times and the overall support experience.
  3. What are Yada Conversion Tools?: Utilizes automated messaging and engagement strategies to convert inquiries into confirmed bookings, potentially increasing revenue through higher conversion rates.

Pricing: is priced at $12.49 per listing per month, offering a balance between cost and functionality for optimizing guest interactions.

Best for:

Who is Yada.AI primarily for? Yada is ideal for small to medium-sized Airbnb hosts or short-term rental managers focused on automating guest communication and engagement to streamline operations. This tool is particularly useful in maximizing occupancy rates and revenue. 

Guest Guru

Taken from Guest Guru Feature Page

How it works:

Guest Guru delivers around-the-clock chatbot services for Airbnb automation, focusing on guest messaging with a personal touch. It stands out by incorporating guests' names in communications, aiming to mimic human-like interactions. 


  1. Smooth Property Import: Like the other Airbnb automation software listed here, Guest Guru integrates with property management systems to import property information, streamline setup, and manage data.
  2. Response Approval: Allows managers to approve or reject AI-generated responses, ensuring managers have control over their AI-generated messages, and ensuring communication remains accurate and personalized. 
  3. SMS Notifications: Their notification system sends SMS alerts for critical guest inquiries, enabling prompt attention to urgent matters.
  4. 24/7 Availability: The system remains operational around the clock, providing constant support for guest interactions.
  5. Learning AI: Adapts and improves over time through machine learning from each guest interaction.
  6. Direct Booking Integration: Seamlessly integrates with direct booking websites to provide a unified guest communication experience.


At $6 per unit per month, it presents a cost-effective option for Airbnb hosts to prioritize guest communication.

Best for:

Suited for Airbnb hosts at any level of experience who prioritize enhancing the guest experience through effective, personalized communication. Guest Guru mainly revolves around guest messaging, so if you are looking for an AI tool that just handles guest communication, they are a great option.

Besty AI

Besty AI

How it works:

Leveraging the power of GPT-4, Besty AI offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to automate various aspects of Airbnb management, from Airbnb Automated Messages to dynamic pricing tools, and data analysis.


  1. Chrome extension for messaging: Besty AI offers a Chrome extension that allows you to have it directly in your PMS. While a Chrome extension streamlines guest communication directly from your browser, a potential drawback is its reliance on users being actively logged into and using Chrome, which may limit accessibility and convenience for hosts who use different browsers or prefer mobile-based management solutions.
  2. Task management: Besty AI’s task management is similar to HostAI. They help automate regular tasks efficiently, reducing manual effort. For example, you can use Besty AI to automatically send a welcome message when a booking is made. 
  3. Workflow automation: Handle routine tasks, such as sending check-out reminders to guests without manual input each time. 
  4. Guest review auto-replies: The system automatically responds to guest reviews, ensuring prompt interaction after their stay. This ensures timely interaction with guests post-stay, contributing to a positive guest experience.


Starting at $12 per listing per month, Besty AI is tailored for Airbnb hosts seeking a broad range of automation capabilities.

Best for:

Besty AI is ideal for short-term rental operators looking for an AI-driven tool to manage diverse tasks, aiming to improve guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Aside from HostAI, BestyAI is not a bad option; however, it lacks the same quality and automation levels as HostAI.


Botel AI

How it works:

Botel integrates advanced AI, including natural language processing and machine learning, to streamline guest inquiries, reservation management, and incident handling, offering a unified communication solution.


  1. Unified inbox: Botel AI consolidates messages from various channels, simplifying guest communication. So guest messages from email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Airbnb messages end up in one place.
  2. Upsells: Similar to other software in this list, Botel identifies upsells like gap nights and other guest-specific upsells. 
  3. Task management: Identifies issues at the property and creates tasks based on them
  4. Guest review auto-replies: One cool feature is their sentiment analysis for guest reviews. Essentially, Botel uses guest messages to identify when and when not to ask guests for reviews.


With a starting price of $7 per listing per month, it's positioned as an accessible tool for improving guest communication and management tasks.

Best for:

A great option for short-term rental operators with a small team that’s okay with working with a young, up-and-coming company. 

Final Thoughts

Diving into Airbnb automation, we've explored options like, Guest Guru, Besty AI, and Botel, each promising to streamline hosting duties and enhance guest experiences. The key? Matching your unique needs with the right tool to not just ease your workload but also boost guest satisfaction and occupancy rates.

Among these, HostAI shines for those seeking a tailor-made approach to elevate their Airbnb game. It’s about finding that perfect ally in your hosting journey, one that seamlessly integrates with your ambitions, making your Airbnb business thrive effortlessly. Cheers to simpler, more rewarding hosting!

Try out HostAI for yourself.