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Top Short Term Rental Podcasts

We're diving deep into podcasts tailored for larger hosts and property managers looking to streamline operations, increase direct bookings, boost occupancy rates, and maximize revenue.

January 26, 2024
Jared Levine


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1. Boostly

Hosted by Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson, a seasoned expert in marketing and hospitality, joins forces with short-term rental guru Liam Carolan to help hosts scale their direct bookings and reduce reliance on OTAs. Tune in for tools, tactics, and expert advice to elevate your STR game.

Podcast: Boostly

2. Unlocked

Hosted by Matt Landau

Matt Landau's 'Unlocked' podcast delves into the world of vacation rental professionals, uncovering best practices through insightful interviews. Discover authentic marketing, technological confidence, and personalized guest experiences to build a sustainable STR business.

Podcast: Unlocked

3. The Accommodation Show

Hosted by Bart Sobies

Bart Sobies, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing, brings together industry experts to discuss the latest developments in accommodation management. Explore the trends shaping the industry.

Podcast: The Accommodation Show

4. The Real Estate Podcast

Hosted by David Greene & Rob Abasolo

Join David Greene and Rob Abasolo on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast for deep dives into real estate investing strategies. Learn from interviews, coaching calls, news analysis, and more.

Podcast: Real Estate Podcast

5. Slick Talk

Hosted by Wil Slickers

Wil Slickers, a hospitality expert, offers a wealth of insights for the hospitality industry. Gain valuable perspectives on hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, and more.

Podcast: Slick Talk

6. Vacation Rental Success

Hosted by Heather Bayer

Heather Bayer, with over 25 years of experience in the STR industry, shares her knowledge through interviews, owner and manager features, and industry insights. Benefit from her expertise in property management.

Podcast: Vacation Rental Success

7. The No BS Short-Term Rental Podcast

Hosted by Mateo Bradford and John Stokinger

Mateo Bradford and John Stokinger provide an unfiltered look into the global vacation and short-term rental industry. Discussing current news and affairs, they focus on inclusion and culture in the STR space.

Podcast: No BS STR Podcast

8. The Short Term Show

Hosted by Avery Carl

Avery Carl, a real estate expert, offers tips and advice for hosts looking to maximize profits in the vacation rental and short-term rental space. Discover strategies for success.

Podcast: The Short Term Show

9. STR Café – Los cafés de Juanjo (Spanish)

Hosted by Juanjo Bande

Juanjo Bande, an architect and Airbnb user, explores short-term rental hosting and management topics, including marketing, trends, pricing, and guest experiences. Tune in for insights and useful information for hosts.

Podcast: STR Café - Spanish


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Thank you for joining us on this podcast journey, and we hope you've discovered valuable resources to fuel your hosting endeavors.

Happy hosting.

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